June 14, 2010

How to re-enable Autoplay if it doesn't pop up when a removable device is inserted.

I have read several forums about people having problems with the Autoplay feature on Vista, and 7.  A close friend of mine and I just recently had the same dilemma, so I started researching to find solutions.  My friend Jilder, said that everyone in the forums were saying it was a virus, so he ran Malwarebytes to try and remove it.  With no luck, he removed the hard drive and ran it as an external hdd.  Finally, the last resort was to format the computer (which resolved the issue...lol).  A couple of days later, I stumbled across a website which had the solution that Jilder and I so desperately sought; therefore, I decided to share it with everyone.  First and foremost, make sure you create a restore point in case you mess up, because then you can revert any changes made.  To do this, go to My Properties in My Computer, then go to system protection on your left pane, then click on create.  Now we can get to fixing your computer.

First Step:^^^^^^^
Go to the start menu and type gpedit.msc

Second Step:^^^^^^^
A dialogue box will come up then you need to click on  computer configuration===>then Administrative Templates===>then windows components===>then Autoplay policies.

Third Step:^^^^^^
This dialogue box will appear after you double click on autoplay policies.  At the top left, make sure the "Turn off Autoplay" isDisabled, then click apply and ok.

After you've followed these steps, restart your computer so the changes can take place.  Then test out a removable device, and the autoplay dialogue box should appear.

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  1. Every time i go on Google and type up something, i click on the results and it says "redirect" and takes me to a website that's called Tanzynga. Would you know how to get rid of this virus?
    Thanks for your time!
    Congrats to you and Dulce!